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Social Club Misfits – Somos Familia

Somos Familia Mp3 By Social Club Misfits Ft Blanca.

Christian Hip Hop Rap Song Singer Social Club Misfits Releases A New Song Titled “Somos Familia” Featuring Blanca.

You Can Listen To The Song And Download The MP3 Below, Stay Safe And Blessed.



Social Club Misfits – Somos Familia Lyrics

Un poco de amor en estos tiempos de distancia
Tengo mi vida, a mi familia le doy gracias
Porque hay muchas gente sola y deprimida
Y yo orando què esta cancion te de una sonrisa
My lord, I just wanna tell the world looking for remedies
None of it will work unless love is inside the recipe
The trending seems to be if it don’t affect you we let it be
To solve the problems we have unity’s a necessity
Si nos quedamos separados, pues perdimos juntos
Con este tema se puede salvar el hijo tuyo
Together we finish faster and get it done
United, we become family and we’re one, let’s have fun

Love is here with open arms
You can be who you are
No matter where you’re from
Just know aqui somos familia

When you need someone to lean on
I’ll be there to lift you up
No matter where you’re from
Just know aqui somos familia

Feels like I haven’t seen you in forever
Why my uncle buy an iPhone for abuela
I tried to teach her FaceTime
Anything to make time
Flying over state lines so we can be together in person
Used to miss the holidays cause I’m always working
Money doesn’t equal happiness ya I’m learning
Bunch of city kids pulling up in suburbans
Looking like we just came home straight from service
What up mom what up Drew
I know we probably don’t talk like we ought to
But everything’s fine I’ll be home soon
Just save me a plate when I come through

No matter where you’re from somos familia

No matter where you go I’ll be
You can always count on me
I’ll be there right by you ohhh

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