How To Build A Constant Relationship With God Understand Him Better As A Christian.

God’s desire is for man to know him, not just that God want us to have some great intimate relationship with him, God wants the best from us, and there are lots of benefits you get when you start having a full relationship with God.

The life we’re living today is not an ordinary life as things has changed drastically, and as Christians on earth we need to have regular communion and relationship with God in order to get the best from him and definitely will affect our lives positively.

When you always communicate with God in all you do here on earth, God will always lead and direct your paths, not just that he will reveal great and mighty things to you. If you’re a true bible scholar, you’ll know that God is still looking for men to work with and if you’re not having a relationship with God, how would you expect him to come looking for you.

Just as we have relationship with our families and loved ones, the same way we ought to have relationship with our almighty God and creator in heaven.

God desire’s to have relationship with us, but we seem to not have developed that relationship with him in our lives, many people don’t really understand what it means to have relationship with God, it’s not until you ascend to heaven before you can have relationship with God.

You can have a very good relationship with God right here on earth, God is everywhere and he is ready to answer you, communicate with you, and reveal things to you using the power of the Holy Spirit.

Now you might be asking yourself, how you can easily build a strong relationship with God, don’t worry much because right now here I am going to share with you some of the tested ways I used to build my relationship with God.

Top 5 Ways To Build A Constant Relationship With God As A Christian.

1. Build Your Relationship With God Through Praying

Many people see prayer today as a hard sacrifice to make, not just that some people see prayer as a waste of time, but the truth here is prayer is more than just talking with God.

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I use to hate prayers even when I gave my life to Christ I was still having hard times praying to God and God for myself. If you’ve not heard the best way to build your relationship with God is by praying to him.

Most people are always confused when it comes to praying to God, most people say they don’t know what to say or ask for whenever they’re praying to God.

If you’re confused or you lack what to pray about, there are many things you can ask God for whenever you want to pray, and also if you want to increase your prayer life and relationship with God, it’s high time you start using Prayer Books to get prayer points, you can also use prayer audio by some of our mighty men of Gods and pastors to get prayer points, not just that you can talk to about things you don’t like about your life.

Prayer is just more beyond what we think, whenever I’m praying It’s an opportunity for me to tell God what I want and what I don’t want, I also use that prayer medium to request things I need in life, because the word of God said that whatever we want that we should ask in his name and he will freely give it to us.

The reason why some people’s life are shattered today is because they don’t have any relationship with the almighty creator, so if you want to develop that mutual relationship with God, I will advice you to start with praying to God, even if it’s just 1 Hour out of your 24 Hours. God need to be given time, you can’t say because you’re working or you’re have lots of agenda or schedule and you won’t give God the required time he needs. Please I advice let that change from today.

Prayer is the greatest sacrifice you can make as a Christian here on earth, you might be praying now ignorantly and you don’t know you’re sending prayers into your future, you know what that means you’re already making your way clear and paving a bright way to your future.

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2. Build Your Relationship With God Through Reading The Bible.

Another important ways you can easily build your relationship with God is reading your bible. Today you see people who don’t even read their bible at all, I asked my friend one time when last he read his bible and he said he can’t even remember when he read his bible or went to church and I was shocked in my bones. This is to tell you that why most people don’t hear from God is because they don’t even have time to read their bible.

Stop waiting for when God appears to you in your dream before you get to know that he has a relationship with him.

You can build a relationship with God by reading your bible, you can start with a 1 Year plan that will help you even finish reading the bible from Genesis to Revelations.

The bible tell us that his word is new every morning, so in one way or the other anytime you read the bible, definitely God will speak into your life and problems or any issue you’re having, not just that God can speak to us or even correct us when we read the bible.

3. Build Your Relationship With God Through Knowing The Holy Spirit.

In times like this God uses the Holy Spirit to speak to us, in fact to be sincere with you, the Holy Spirit is the fastest way God uses to communicate with his children.

If you’re a true bible scholar, you will understand that before Jesus ascended to heaven, he promised the disciple that were with him that he will send the Holy Spirit to them, that way they can be able to communicate with him and he will guide them.

The Holy Spirit is a personality that you can work with, if you’re a Christian and you don’t have the Holy Spirit in your life, you’ve not yet developed your intimate relationship with God.

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In fact one of the fastest way to reach our heavenly father in heaven is true the Holy Spirit, he helps you communicate with God.

The Holy Spirit will guide your ways, advice you, reveals great and mighty mysteries to you through dreams or visions.

In our next article I will share with you my thoughts about the great power of the Holy Spirit.

4. Build Your Relationship With God Through Listening To Powerful Messages And Sermons.

Listening to messages and sermons from powerful men of God is one of the most important ways to have a relationship with God. Thanks to the internet as it has made everything easy for us, because we can Google for any of our favourite pastors and listen to their sermons and messages.

Hearing that helps us get to know God better is through hearing what he has to say. We can do this by reading the Bible aloud. And we can listen to the word being preached by ministers we trust.

By listening to powerful messages and sermon, you can easily build your relationship with God.

5. Build Your Relationship With God Through Fellowship

This is one of the most exciting ways to build your relationship with God, I have tested this method and to be sincere it is one of my favourite ways of building my relationship with God.

If you attend a bible believing church you can join the Home Cell fellowship or House Care fellowship, or Symposiums, Seminars, Crusades and lots more church activities that allows you to get to know God through one and another.


I am sure that by now you must have gotten deeper understanding about what it means to fellowship with God and develop that mutual and intimacy relationship with him.

Please if you have any question to ask, kindly use the comment section below and ask your question and I will answer you immediately.

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