Dolly Parton – Christmas On The Square

Christmas On The Square Mp3 By Dolly Parton

Foreign Gospel Song Singer Dolly Parton Releases A New Christmas Song Titled “Christmas On The Square“.

You Can Listen To The Song And Download The MP3 Below, Stay Safe And Blessed.



Dolly Parton – Christmas On The Square Lyrics

Christmas on the square
Everybody’s there
Laughin’, singin’, bells a’ringin’
Snow is in the air
Carolers sing and gifts exchanged
Lovers walk in pairs
Trees a’glow and mistletoe
It’s Christmas on the square

Christmas on the square
Catch me if you dare
Runnin’ frantic, playful antics
Jokesters everywhere
Streets a’light with snowball fights
You better duck, beware
Friends and neighbors cuttin’ capers
Christmas on the square

Together as each year
We joyfully meet here
To celebrate family and friends
And we all stick together
No matter whatever
It’s a wonderful town we live in (Howdy, friends!)

Christmas on the square
Nothing ordinare
It’s a holly, Dolly, Christmas folly
I had to get that in there (Why not?)
Coats and hats and such as that
And thermal underwear (Underwear)
Scarves and sweaters
Fur and feathers
Christmas on the square

There’s turkey and stuffin’
And cranberry muffins
Potatoes and gravy and peas (Yummy)
Cakes, ham and biscuits
However you fix it
You’re in for a fabulous feast (Let’s eat!)

Christmas on the square
Everybody’s there
Sleighs and skates and chestnuts baked
Everybody shares (Everybody)
Dancing mimes and such good times
I hope to see you there (See you there)
So come on down, enjoy our town
Christmas on the square

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Oh, what fun for everyone
Christmas on the square (Hey, fiddler)
Christmas on the square (Banjo, banjo)
Christmas on the square
Celebrate, let’s celebrate
Christmas on the square

Come on down, yee-haw!

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