2021 Prophecy By Archbishop Emmanuel Musa Jatau (Part 1).


“Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea.” Ps. 46:2 (NKJV)“.


  1. 2021 is a year of Divine Transition and new governments. Many nations would have new administrations. Therefore expect: new President in Nigeria in 2021, New Senate President, New Head of Judiciary, New Service Chiefs, New Federal Ministers, New Governors for a few states and New Heads of Churches. Everything would be new all round.
  2. Pastors, expect a phantom plague. Dozens of pastors to be picked and killed. Dozens of traditional chiefs to meet the same fate. (1Sam.22:17, 21, Jer.52:27, Lam.2:20, Heb.7:23)
  3. Six (6) rich Nigerian and African pastors to be set-up and jailed in 2021/2022.
  4. Two or Three Governors to be sacked by court in 2021.
  5. Nigerian air transport to be in turmoil as flights are banned and workers to lose jobs. Pray for Airpeace.
  6. Many banks to close in 2021. Many more to be merged. Many banks’ staff to be sacked and declared unproductive in 2021/2022.
  7. Pray for single mothers to survive 2021 lockdown. They must learn different productive skills quickly.
  8. Immediately Osinbajo takes over in 2021, zoning will not be realistic again. Jonathan 2023 project will also be dashed and aborted for good. Nigeria soon to come out of having accidental presidents and presidents who are political mistakes.
  9. Year 2021 is a year of cultist killings nationwide. Pray against terrible encounters with cultist in your environments.
  10. 2021 is a year of delay in salary payments, from Federal to Local Governments. Pray for your own organization to do the needful in 2021.
  11. What happened in the USA election will be child’s play compared to what politicians plan to do in 2023 elections in Nigeria. However, I foresee the people planning to rig the 2023 elections not seeing 2023 alive. That’s where God is more than man.
  12. Pray against deaths of Airforce pilots during the New Year from multiple crashes.
  13. Boko Haram convoy to be eliminated from state to state. Female Boko Haram suicide bombers also to be neutralized from state to state.
  14. Year 2021 will begin with people collapsing and dying from family to family. Issue of people just collapsing and dying will become quite alarming in 2021.
  15. Be prayerful as people speaking out against COVID-19 (Vaccine whistle blowers) to be targeted, eliminated by powers that be in 2021. Expect officials who make billions from COVID-19 to go from village to village bribing villagers to accept they have COVID-19 so they could be filmed and pictures sent abroad for grants. What a wicked world.
  16. Few Nigerian Governors to be rushed abroad for kidney transplant, heart attack, COVID-19 related diseases in 2021. Some states to mourn their governors, senators and prominent pastors before middle of 2021.
  17. Year 2021 is a year of death of prominent first class kings and emirs. Pray for your own wards.
  18. Year 2021 is a year of coups from nation to nation during the year in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Few will be bloody.
  19. Teachers will have tough times all through 2021-2022, from primary to universities. They should expect arbitrary close down of schools and lack of salaries leading to them experiencing hard times from January to April 2021.
  20. Fire to raise shops, markets, homes to greet the New Year in Nigeria major cities of Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Ilorin etc.
  21. Expect to be kept in darkness as bandits and hoodlums damage transformers and other important PHCN properties due to outrageous estimated bills they want them to pay. Pray against this coming sabotage in the first quarter of 2021.
  22. Year 2021 will take away eight (8) ex-Presidents from USA down to Africa and Nigeria. Pray for them to be generous with their wealth in 2021.
  23. New airlines planning to begin operations soon to be in trouble for closing and losing what they have invested in such businesses. I foresee many of them owing banks and aviation authorities.
  24. Four Nigerian pastors are going to be involved in scandal that will damage their reputations and their churches from 2021-2030.
  25. For Nigeria to prosper, governors must stop sponsoring terrorism. Governors during OBJ and Jonathan’s regime soon to confess how they perfected in this act and expose the present ones. Most governors of Southern, Eastern, Western, Northern states and their emirs are all guilty.
  26. New Chief Justice of Nigeria’s Supreme Court would emerge.
  27. Thousands of Pastors and Evangelists in Africa, China, USA to go into hiding as government prepares for final assault in attempt to evaluate Christianity.
  28. Uganda’s President Museveni’s son, who is the commander of Special Forces must be prayerful from 2021 – 2023 against attempt on his life.
  29. Nigerians should pray for Cecilia Ibru in 2021 to be able to put the past behind her and spend her time in 2021 with the Lord. Pray against sudden health complications.
  30. Buhari’s family should pray for Mr President and his sister from January to June 2021 for good health.
  31. Cross-River should pray against tension that will lead to fresh wave of thuggery and violence. I foresee fight of the year between Jarigbe and Stephen Odeh that will be bloody using the cultists against each other. Innocent people will die in Calabar if allowed to happen.
  32. Tension in Ghana will be high from January 2021. Many Ghanaians will storm the street to protest, incapacitating government activities in 2021. Many lives and property will be lost.
  33. Youths should stop blaming village people for your poverty in 2021. Learn handwork and better your economy and living. Run away from Pastors who do not encourage you to use your hands, but daily keeping you in church for prayers and reeling lies that your mother and father are behind your poverty. Meanwhile they still collect offerings as you stay in the church, fasting for weeks instead of working hard and not getting your condition worse.
  34. Catholic churches worldwide, pray for your priests and Bishops in 2021. Too many deaths and burials are on the way from Lagos, Jos, Kaduna, Sokoto, Abuja, Imo, Edo, Abia, Delta, Ondo, Calabar, Benue, Nasarawa and Rivers.
  35. Year 2021 is a year many pastors/Christians will marry more wives to align with African culture of polygamy. From 2021 – 2030, no church can fix the battered church image.
  36. Herdsmen are descendants of Cain. What does the Bible say about Cain and their provenance or place of origin and characteristics. Study the Bible to know that we are not safe in this generation.
  37. 2023 election: Jonathan Goodluck (old presidents coming out), old governors coming out, Muslim-Muslim ticket to be tried again.
  38. Obaseki and four (4) other governors to return to APC in 2021 to support presidential ticket of Goodluck.
  39. Christians prepare for difficult times ahead 2021-2029. Attacks and persecution on churches will be doubled as it gets worse. Get ready to experience most painful executions. The world will no longer be safe for Christians.
  40. Year 2021 – Many Emirs and Chiefs to be dethroned.
  41. Year 2021 – 2029 – owning a Bible in most countries could lead to prison or even death including in Northern Nigeria. So Christians who value the Bible as Word of God get ready to die for your faith.
  42. Prophets and pastors in police net from nation to nation due to crimes and misconduct.
  43. Church deaths in 2021. I foresee churches organizing burials including mass burials of members due to new “plan-demic” and pandemic.
  44. Soon hospital visitation to be cancelled from nation to nation due to diseases that will wipe out entire families, communities and towns.
  45. Many shall leave church for cultism (1Jn.2:10)
  46. Year 2021 – Church retirement of Reverend oldies will be rampant from church to church and young overseers taking over the mantle of leadership.
  47. 2021 – 2030 – If you are above 50 years, write your will. Assassinations will be unprecedented of pastors, chiefs, politicians, military and paramilitary senior officers.
  48. Koro/Migili chiefdom to lose many traditional chiefs and title holders subsequently rugged, active, sophisticated ones to be appointed to handle and ease the challenges of the tribe.
  49. Many lukewarm Christians who run from prophets to prophets in 2021 – 2029 to seek direction to be misled.
  50. Benue, Kaduna and other K states, Lagos, Edo, Enugu, Abia, Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi, Rivers and Calabar to have many of their chiefs killed brutally. Many more to go missing due to boundary disputes.
  51. Get ready for six (6) months lockdown in 2021 and another in 2022. Your faith in the coming years is imperative. Your faith and positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will give you enough strength and confidence to overcome every problem on your own without running from prophet to prophet.
  52. Season of electing irresponsible people to serve us as leaders is coming to an end from 2023.
  53. Year 2021 – Nigeria to lose one governor out of many that would contact COVID-19.
  54. Year 2021 – Seven forms of witchcraft to operate from church to church freely. In short witchcraft power to be sold publicly in most churches. Expect to see sacrifices in front of your churches and altars, the kind you see in front of shops.
  55. COVID-19 deaths to ravage the following nations in 2021. Expect plethora of deaths in Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Congo –Brazzaville, DR. Congo, Egypt, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Mauritania, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, and Tunisia.
  56. Togo lady Prime Minister to pray against been hit with COVID-19 and her entire household.
  57. Year 2021 – Southern Cameroon crisis will be tough. Ambazonia fighters and several Biya troops to die. A lot of civilians to die in cross-fire.
  58. Fear to grip APC if PDP makes Atiku their flag bearer in 2023 Presidential election. Northerners will queue behind Atiku and help him coast to victory.
  59. Any presidential candidate from the South will have a Northern Vice President who will kill his boss and rule after him. Meanwhile, the Southern candidate must be a traitor who would be ready to betray his people first and foremost but would have death awaiting him before the first 4 years. 2023 presidency will not be feasible because of this same traitor.
  60. More Nigerian Army personnel are going to be enrolling with Boko Haram fighters. Few will be arrested in 2021.
  61. ECOWAS get ready to avert chaos in many African nations in 2021-2022. Pray for Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Ghana.
  62. Year 2021 is going to be characterized with the following (terrorism, looting, killings and bloodshed, bandits, bad roads, hardship, heavy floods, back biting, greediness, jealousy, misfortune, disasters, failure, shame, bad leadership, tribalism, corruption, crisis and mayhem) from January to December in virtually all African countries.
  63. Year 2021 – Many widows and widowers to embrace love after long years of losses.
  64. Chief Osita Chidoka and Ibe Kachukwu, get ready for Federal appointment again but not without life threatening attack first. Read Psalm 60, Psalm 5. Expect testimonies of favours and breakthroughs. Job 27:7:17.
  65. Year 2021 is a year of giant snake attacks at various snake farms.
  66. Year 2021 is a year schools would close down three times in one year for safety reasons in states like Lagos, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Edo, Oyo, Ondo, Abia and in the K states.
  67. Ibos and Yorubas are seen leaving Northern Nigeria in 2021/22 due to activities of Hisbah who will ban beer (sales and drinking), Ibo girls and others using mobile phones and also boys and girls dressing unIslamically.
  68. God says you will be great in 2021 and man says the opposite. Whose report will you believe? “Certainly not! Indeed, let God be true but every man a liar. As it is written: “That you may be justified in your words, and may overcome when you are judged” Rom.3:4 (NKJV)
  69. Youths will use the power of unity to remove, dethrone many governments from 2021-2024 worldwide.
  70. Year 2021 is a year everybody would be told “if you dey go church, shine your eyes well”. Many new churches in 2021 will be recruitment centers to hell.
  71. To break every financial hardship in your life 1-1-2121 use this three Psalms: Psalms 66:12, 23:1-2, 68:19.
  72. Worst plans to destabilize Nigerian sovereignty in 2023 and stop 2023 election will be hatched between January 14 – June 14 2021. If PDP and APC survive to see 2023. It has to cross this bridge period.
  73. Journalism from 2021 – 2030 will no more be for the faint hearted due to assassinations of hundreds of journalists in the next 10 years.
  74. Aliko Dangote to owe many nations in 2021 in taxes. Inspite of that, to still lead Africa. But must pray against serious ill-health.
  75. Deeper Life and many more churches to abandon a lot of old beliefs in 2021. Pray for the pastors of Deeper Life and especially Pastor Kumuyi.
  76. When God turned things around – Sarah became fruitful, Joseph became prime minister, David killed Goliath, Jabez became rich man, Esther became Queen from slave girl. As you step into 2021, things will turn around in your favour and expect you life to become center of attraction, blessing and favour. You will not be blind to God’s divine presence in 2021.
  77. Year 2021 is a year of injustice in the justice system. Watch out for a lot of drama in the Judiciary from Supreme court to the lowest court and NJC.
  78. Youths worldwide to begin mass protest from nation to nation from January 2021. Nigerian youths will continue the protest demanding from the government the following in first quarter of 2021:
    • ENDSARS again
    • Sack security chiefs if they cross Christmas
    • Improve security
    • Reduce petrol pump price which will be increased two or three times in 2021.
    • Reduce PHCN bills.
    • Create jobs.
    • Stop banditry and herdsmen
    • Inclusive government with 50% youths
    • End ASUU strike
    • Politicians should be placed on minimum wage.
    • Electoral reforms
    • Strip Ex-governors of all benefits after office.
    • Stop external borrowing.
    • Ensure refineries are working
    • Use alternative power source e.g. solar, water, wind.
    • End bad governance and corruption
    The sufferings, bondage, imprisonments, problems, difficulties and troubles in the life of the child of God are not for a lifetime but for the meantime. (Ex.3:7-8)
  79. African youths, not everything is spiritual as some pastors make you believe. No food for lazy man. God blesses the works of your hands. Don’t lock yourself in the room, fasting and speaking in tongues. Learn skill while waiting for government job.
  80. Year 2021 – 2024 – Pray or expect 14 to 48 years old males will be bearing arms from nation to nation against governments. However, about ¼ of them will die and the females amongst them raped as result of conflicts in different nations. Leaving their children as additional orphans. They will have their dreams destroyed because no peaceful negotiation. They will leave their aged parents above 70 with no support.
    Expect crime rates to increase within this period as criminals take advantage. Expect refugee problems to be doubled. Expect more voices to rise against governments from 2021 – 2024 from nation to nation. May God restore peace in our countries in 2021.
    The body of Christ must come together in supernatural unity. Plead with our youths to be sensitive to always know the right hour to leave the road and enter into dialogues, also distinguish between activism and hooliganism.
  81. Governments can’t pay salaries of its workers from 2021-2024. Therefore, expect retrenchment of workers in 2021 in both private and public organizations.
  82. Pray against more protest along Abuja, Lagos, Jos and other airports road in 2021. Protesters will block airports roads, no going in and no going out with anonymous strikes again in 2021. Also expect protesters to shut down CBN, commercial banks websites in 2021 that will ramp up cyber-attacks as well as government internet assets. Of course it won’t go free without attacks and shootings again like the one of 2020. Nigerian Army like other times will again be deployed to stop protesters in 2021. Travellers, motorists expect to be stranded again in 2021 as protesters block the highways.
  83. Year 2021 – 2026 – Expect revolution in many nations of the world, particularly the Middle East again. Also expect various digital resistance movement.
  84. After Buhari – The Nigerian military will ask most retired officers to return with immediate effect. As most protest in Africa will end up being hijacked. Government must be noble to hear the voices of this brilliant generational heroes to avoid unnecessary blood baths. Every president who steps on toes in Africa from 2021 – 2024 should expect to be hated. Government must try hard to listen to demands of the youths in 2021.
  85. Expect attempts by the Middle Belt, Southerners, and Northerners to breakup the country between 2021 – 2023 using hoodlums from all the regions. Absolutely breaking up Nigeria will still not solve its problems.
  86. January 2021 will begin with tension, protest, bloody protest in about 19 nations of the world including Nigeria. In Nigeria, what will calm the temperature will be deaths in the Villa and new government. God loves Nigeria a lot. Each time the whole country is on fire, God has a way of cooling it supernaturally by taking away the arrow heads.
  87. DSS to have worst internal wrangling in 2021/2022. Except quickly resolved, it will affect insecurity negatively.
  88. Tunde Bakare to watch his utterances before June 2021. Two wrongs within that period in 2021 won’t make a right. That moment in Nigerian history will require great wisdom and great restraint from people like him respected worldwide. A word is enough for the wise.
  89. Year 2021 – More than 36 palaces of emirs, chiefs, Obas would be attacked, burnt and destroyed. From Kano down to Lagos and to say the Federal Government will intervene after such fracas is not genuine.
  90. Year 2021 is a year of worst fire disasters in schools, banks, barracks, churches, private houses, garages, airports, secretariats, TV stations, hotels, colleges, recreational centers, VIO offices, FRSC, Police post, NPA etc. and people would be left counting the costs. This will be caused by avalanche of accumulated indignation not yet over. Only God can help stop the tragic calamity in these areas in 2021. Pray this prayer daily – “Because I have been privileged by God to see 2021. My eyes will not see evil, my ears will not hear evil, my feet will not enter traps and evil nets of my adversaries. The evil arrows that fly in noon day will not see me and my family members. I will go out in peace daily and also return in peace.
  91. Year 2021 – Expect opposition party from nation to nation to sponsor violent protests and play politics with protests to bring down government at the center and ground the economy of every nation. We must note that the fight to ensure a peaceful and economically viable nation is a collective one, inspite of political, religious and ethnic differences.
  92. Year 2021 – Expect curfew in almost all nations of Africa and states in Nigeria and do not expect youths to obey curfew from 2021 -2026. Modern youths will shun curfew in the midst of vandalism.
  93. Year 2020 Christmas – Pray for the following states (Kano, Kwara, Kogi, Kaduna, Katsina, Kebbi, Plateau, Benue, Lagos, Calabar, Edo, Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Ebonyi and Rivers) as I foresee terrorist rising against people celebrating Christmas and New Year.
  94. Pray against terrorists attempting to level churches, mosques, barracks, schools, airports, motor pars, markets, homes, IDPs, farms and convoys. Expect scores to be killed this Christmas except we take proactive measures.
  95. Year 2021 is a year of tension (religious and political violence), thuggery, vengeful vendetta, plot to instigate civil war and coups worldwide.
  96. Year 2021 is a year 80% of Nigeria courts including Supreme courts will deliver earth shaking judgements. Expect thugs to break into courts and cart away files.
  97. Gbemisola Saraki to get ready to rule her state riding on wings of a respected male politician other than her brother. Many secret tapes to be released to damage each other in 2023 Kwara politics as well religious propaganda.
  98. Bishops Kukah, Kwashi, Onaikan, Oritsejafor and Kaigama must pray for each other in 2021. Enemy planning burial amongst your ranks and your family members.
  99. Christians and Muslims leaders in Kano and Aba to start with habit of sharing leaflets instructing attacks, revenge and reprisals, written with frivolous names of persons showing pictures of both Ibo and Northerners killed after Christmas must be monitored. Most Jumaat prayers in 2021 should be monitored equally.
  100. Nasarawa state, pray for your ex-governors and ex-deputy governors. Equally pray for former ambassadors and former senators and Reps, emirs and chiefs as well be in prayers for pastors. I foresee so many state burials.
  101. Contract for construction of new rail lines to Niger Republic to have problem in 2021.
  102. Pray for Gov. Abdullahi Adamu and his fellow age mates in the senate in 2021 for long life.
  103. D.G SSS to be removed for not functioning in 2021.
  104. OBJ, IBB, Danjuma, Atiku, Tinubu to pray against collapsing and evil rumours about them.
  105. Governors who still have their fathers and mothers alive, pray for them. I see transition awaiting them in 2021.
  106. Many politicians to complete their bullet proof mansions costing billions between 2021 – 2022 against 2023 elections. Unfortunately, I do not see such houses protecting them and moreover many are foreseen dying before 2023. Vanity!
  107. Pray against disasters coming upon the continents from 2020 – 2030. Global warming, global war, solar flares, super volcanoes, pandemics, nuclear disasters.
  108. Ghanaian youths pray against unprecedented disasters in 2021 – 2022. I foresee government clampdown on youths in 2021 and 2022. I foresee your flag lowered down with bloodstains.
  109. IGP will return all police personnel attached to every VIP hitherto withdrawn in 2020.
  110. States that will lead in protest and violence in 2021 – 2023 in Nigeria shall be Lagos, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Kebbi, Kogi, Plateau, Benue, Rivers, Calabar, Edo, Delta and Bayelsa. Pray for these states.
  111. Nigerian leaders learn 10 tings from ENDSARS protest in 2020. I pray our future leaders also learn from history this same 10 things.
    • That poverty and hunger can ignite protest
    • Love for the country can ignite protest
    • Criminals/robbers can pounce on any slight opportunity of a breakdown of law and order for their selfish gains.
    • Strength in unity can ignite protest regardless of religion and tribe.
    • People are tired of bad governance.
    • People are tired of police brutality.
    • Power of social media
    • Amplifying video information can ignite protest for voices to be heard.
    • Lay down life for ones country
    • Being Christian/Muslim is not stupidity. Being any of the two does not mean we can tolerate nonsense.
  112. Nigerian students to enjoy bursary allowances in 2021/2022 more than past years. Many SANs to witness burials in 2021.
  113. Don Jazzy and DJ Switch, pray for top celebrities like you in 2021 for good health. Many accidents, deaths and disgrace awaits them.
  114. Charly boy to have confrontations with so many Nigerian entertainers in 2021.
  115. Youths to take over parties at L.G.C levels and state levels for their gains and producing many state House of Assembly members, deputy governors, House of Reps members in 16 states during 2023 elections.
  116. Government to change police uniforms in 2021 – 2022.
  117. ASUU to protest again in early 2021, because the future of Nigerian youths is under threat.
  118. UTC Area 10 Abuja to be restructured and reorganised in 2021, but not without resistance from youths.
  119. COCA-COLA pray to donate from nation to nation in 2021 for philanthropic gestures more than any year in this decade. However, pray against industrial accidents.
  120. Year 2021 is a year of divine intervention to free Nigeria’s poor from oppression. Every state should pray to be emancipated from the “Pharaohs” by awakening the divine force in your states. The power that will emancipate your state in 2021 is neither political, religious, ethnic nor terrestrial but God’s power that saved Israel from Pharaoh of Egypt.
  121. Bloody Jihad in Congo, Uganda and Mozambique will spread to Tanzania. Expect hundreds of extremist attackers to slaughter dozens of civilians giving those areas the type of threat that Boko Haram has become in Nigeria. It will take years to recover from this war.
  122. Billions meant for youth empowerment and bore holes in Northern Nigeria, to go into private pockets for their lavish lifestyles in 2021. But God will expose the youths involved and I see them punished.
  123. Next wave of revolution from nation to nation will be led by security forces and not ordinary citizens to reclaim their nations from selfish politicians.
  124. Year 2021 is a year that youths of Africa will have one unified voice, momentum, fire, passion and force, taking what belongs to them from nation to nation.
  125. Pray for El-ZakZaky from January to May 2021 against bad/fake news that will instead of calming will rather exacerbate protests.
  126. African youths from country to country are seen in 2021 agitating for their nations to be renegotiated to do away with imbalance that had produced sorrow and poverty in the continent. Words of youth leaders from nation to nation will become intoxicating and infectious causing other youths to arise to challenge various authorities. Accordingly, the leaders will have no option than bow to these revolutionary voices and work accordingly to change the society.
  127. Let’s avoid fake and unpatriotic news in Nigeria in 2021 – 2023. I see it threatening the sovereignty of the Nigerian nation and putting many regions on fire. We are Nigerians, let’s be loyal to our country. Fake news is the handiwork of evil merchants and enemies but Nigeria will always be victorious in Jesus name. Amen! Let’s promote peace in our nation and our world.
  128. VIO all over Nigeria, do something about seized achabas. They belong to a lot of civil servants retrenched without payment of their benefits who decided to do achaba but very often their machines are seized without option of fine. Thousands of those machines are lying down in state and Federal Government traffic office known as VIOs office. It’s so horrible.
  129. Nigerian youths shall arise from meeting in 2021/2022. They will agree in love and oneness that in 2023 presidential election and in every elections, whether state or local government, they will not vote for anyone who has been in politics from 2020 down 1979 and the candidates they will vote for must not be above the age of 55 years.
  130. If you are a heartless political leader in Africa, you have bad news. 2021 – 2029 is not a good decade for you.
  131. Youths of Nigeria have a just cause but for them to think they can make a clean sweep of the old brigade short of bloody revolution will be debatable amongst themselves. Certainly God did not make a mistake to allow for old age. Even if the youths succeed and if they are not prayerful, they wills still mess up because they do not have the needed discipline and experience to pull through in governance. Especially our Nigerian type of youth. As such, pray for our youths seriously this decade so that they can even win election this decade.
  132. Year 2021 is a year medical equipment worth billions will be brought to Nigeria to improve our medical status but I foresee them either looted away, vandalized, swiftly carted away and stored in bushes and warehouses not to be put to use by Nigerians. These will include ICT/MRI machines. This is ridiculously obscene. How did we get here? Let’s pray to expect better days for Nigeria of peace and healing. What a sad situation? We can now see the lack of order in our governance system culminating into where we are today as a country.
  133. Year 2021 is a year the poor are coming out with fury from nation to nation to forcefully demand their slice of the national cake. Leaders beware the poor are coming. The poor we refuse to take care of today will from 2021 – 2029 inflict on us untold pains and sufferings. And if by any stroke of luck, we escape their anger today, mark it our children and grandchildren may not live to tell their stories.
  134. Kidnappers from 2021 – 2029 are going to be demanding #100 million and above. Most of them are not Nigerians. They came into Nigeria as mercenaries from 2014 looking for who to hire them to fight war. They are therefore heartless and brutal. Only God can save Nigerians from these undesirable elements.
  135. Bad news for Nigeria private jet owners. I foresee most of you been rushed out to Germany, UK, USA for oxygen to be saved. Vanity upon vanity!
  136. This is your year of “TAKE OVER” 2021. The power to take over, possess and lead in your CLAN, father’s house, office, business, church will be yours only if you recite the following bible verses: Neh.9:25, Jer.37:12, Ps.105:44, Amos 9:12, 2Sam.16:4, Isa.60:21, Isa.5:8, Ezek.22:25, Ezek.36:3-5, Micah 1:15, Mark 12:7, Phil.3:12, Jer.49:1, Lam.1:10 and Ps.83:12.
  137. Expect to see horrible and gory pictures from Nigeria between January to April 2021 of killings that resemble that of Syria. It will be politically motivated calamity. Let’s pray!
  138. Osinbajo, God’s power is with you as you enter 2021 more than ever before to install you. The power that will install you is neither political, religious, ethnic nor terrestrial but God’s power that saved Israel from Pharaoh of Egypt. (NB: The Lord said, my power will bring it to pass – Isa.46:8-11, Zech.4:6). You will survive the storm and many will run abroad when you shall take over. (Zeph.3:17, Ps.30:5, Isa.54:10, Lam.3:21-24, Col.1:16-17, Ps,92:1-2, Rom.8:28, Isa.43:1-2, 2Cor.4:8-9, Jn.16:33).
  139. I foresee police and angry truck drivers’ crisis many times in 2021. The truck drivers will block major roads and bridges from Sokoto – Kaduna – Kogi – Niger – Lagos over extortion and harassment. Same will happen at all Nigerian borders with other nations due to COVID-19 test at borders of Africa that would be enormous task leading to riots.
    Scarcity of food and sanitary facilities will equally ignite anger by travellers stranded at Nigerian borders. Pray against what would degenerate into shooting spree.
  140. Year 2021 – Nigeria and a lot of African nations to witness deaths of elderly people receiving COVID-19 injection. Most of them would develop side effects and new strains of COVID-19 leading to deaths of elderly from house to house in the nation.
  141. God has already decided who would rule Nigeria in 2021. Therefore the political class should stop their scheming and frivolous permutations. Consequently, Osinbajo should get ready but also watch and pray. (Jn.4:24).
  142. Nigeria must break the spell of recycling the old brigade holding sway. New generation of youthful and robust leadership should lead Nigeria in the 21st century. Former President Goodluck Jonathan, Ahmed Bola Tinubu and Adams Oshiomole have been used and dumped and therefore are now spent forces. Their time is politically up and for good. Accepting to be brought back to reckoning is a set up to be killed. Be wise!
  143. Christianity would be threatened in the years ahead at Xmas celebrations as gunmen would storm events, churches and particularly beer parlous to shoot people dead during Xmas celebration nationwide.
  144. ABU and other Nigerian Universities would lose prominent lecturers in the year 2021.
  145. Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and the Villa would witness series of deaths by the first quarter of 2021.
  146. The Villa and NYSC camps across the country would have many COVID-19 positive cases leading to shutdown of NYSC camps nationwide.
  147. Cross-over night church services would have many people infected with COVID-19. A lot of Pastors to contact COVID-19 in 2021.
  148. Air travellers in December 2020 and January 2021(local and abroad) would be more vulnerable to COVID-19 infections.
  149. Angry mob would be setting ablaze trailers and oil tankers across the nation in 2021.
  150. Rice smugglers would flood Nigerian markets with killer (poisonous) rice in the year 2021.
  151. For the umpteenth time, the national sports festival would again be postponed in 2021 and 2022.
  152. The 2022 Olympics would be proposed for the Abuja National Stadium, but COVID-19 will cause it postponement if not prepared.
  153. Power outage to get worst in 2021, due to sabotage.
  154. About 70% of medical workers: Doctors, Nurses and hotel workers would test positive of COVID-19 worldwide from January 2021.
  155. Whistle blowers from nation to nation exposing negative effect of COVID-19 would be infected with COVID-19 and also assassinated in 2021.
  156. Witches conference would hold between December 2020 – January 2021. Remember it was hosted in UNN Nsukka in 2019. It will continue to be hosted yearly from 2021 – 2027 by governments of different nations.
NEW MUSIC  Lord's Child - Cry 4 U

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Released by
Archbishop Emmanuel Musa Jatau
Presiding Bishop
Faithhill Prophetic Assembly Worldwide, Abuja
25th December, 2020

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